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Student Removals and Courier Services

Here at MUVN, We provide same day courier services & provide university accommodation removal services.
We’re the first company to provide this service directly for students.
MUVN Courier Services’ mission and goal are to keep your items or business goods moving until they reach their destination.
We will be there according to their booking date and time.


Courier Service

Whether you need a same day service or regular deliveries to one of your customers every day, we ensure that your goods are delivered in good condition & on time.

We Deliver:


Looking for a quick and reliable document courier service

Medical Equipment

Delivering your Medical supplies on time just


Reliable and Fast Test collection same-day delivery


Get the best rates on parcel delivery

Trade Goods

Book your trade goods and materials for intime delivery

Automotive Parts

Ensure that you have parts in your hand when you need them


For quick quote for a pallet delivery service today.

Student Removals


We understand that not all student can carry all their goods with them in a car. Whether you need to move into your accommodation or move out from your accommodation, We’re here to help Just Call MUVN Transport 02045795028.
How it works –  We will be there according to their booking date and time. The driver meets them at their address and loads their goods in the van. The student can choose to travel in a van or make their own way. The driver helps unload goods.


We know we are the best, but don't just take our word for it. Have a look at our customer reviews.....

Hamza ShbatHamza Shbat
05:40 01 Mar 22
MUN isn’t the great university in the universe but it’s not as bad as the comments below indicated. You have the option to attend any university in the whole world so don’t come to MUN and start complaining about stuff that’s not under control. Again it’s the great but not the worst; if it’s the worst you wouldn’t apply from the begging 😉
Vahidreza HeidarzadehVahidreza Heidarzadeh
22:22 19 Feb 22
One of the worst university in Canada. They just wasted my time and money. I was waiting for three months to get the result of my application, but after that time I was rejected because they said I didn't have a superviaor. Interestingly, my course didn't need a supervisor while applying, according to their website and the course's requirements. I even asked them about this by email before applying. But now they are not responsible! Do not waste your money for this university!
mosen abulgarmosen abulgar
01:26 19 Feb 22
Went there in 1984Met my best friend and my love there.My 2 daughters graduated from this wonderful institute.I was at the world cup there.Stayed there and had a nice skaf.My best to all Newfoundlanders.Cheers#Aboelghar
Osa IghoOsa Igho
13:23 10 Jan 22
They are highly unreasonable, they have their own stick in the mud rules and make sure all students follow that when they are constantly acting contrary. They are understaffed, so some of the staffs couldn't care to give any extra attention to unique cases. They make mistakes and expect the students to bear the brunt of their misinformed decision. Honestly, I am just waiting to graduate and leave this school. Don't get me wrong NL is a nice province with many decent people. I doubt you'll have trouble finding someone to socialize with if u actually go out. BUT this is an example of don't blame the people, blame the system (obviously the system was created by a human being). There are limited ppl who could actually change the system and I hope they see this.And pls if u do not get into engineering, don't come here. Most of their other programs are seriously lacking staffs esp computer science. I don tell u-from a tired student
I love to study here someday .So help me God 🙏